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ANPR Software

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Paragon Security’s ANPR software can be used for the most demanding applications. It can turn standard surveillance cameras into ANPR cameras so you can use ANPR technology to do more than simply open the vehicle barrier and register a vehicle for payment. You can track and log all vehicle movements throughout your car park or organisation.

It can be used with a variety of camera types including:

  • Standard ANPR Camera
  • Self-containd ANPR Camera
  • Bollard ANPR Camera

The software provides Black / White list functionality, direction of travel, country, plate type, make, model, colour, time, date and location.

All vehicle data is recorded onto the system’s database which can be displayed and queried with alarms created as audible/visual alerts, sign messages, texts or emails. Graphics can display data like car park usage, speed infringements and traffic volume by hour/day/month.

The system can manage multiple whitelists, blacklists and alarms for parking management, security and access control system or traffic monitoring.

The software can manage payment and booking, vehicle gates and barriers, weighbridges and LED message signs.

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