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Installation & Commissioning

We can implement and project manage all aspects of your security installation including first and second fix cable and equipment installation, network and electrical works.

Our commissioning services will specify, plan and carry out a logical and systematic set of tests to demonstrate that the system fully meets your requirements. The systems will be tested in a logical and progressive manner in accordance with the test plan. After Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) of the equipment, commissioning will typically comprise:

Site acceptance tests: (SAT) Commissioning acceptance tests: (CAT)

We will provide a detailed draft test plan prior to commencement of testing. This document will be subject to your approval and will include as a minimum:-

A statement of the methodology to be adopted for the project; A logical breakdown of the system and test units, including timescales, testing milestones; Where tests are to be conducted and by whom; Conduct of tests; Details of any pre-requisites for the tests; Details of any special test equipment; Pass/fail criteria; Recording of results; Reporting of discrepancies; Correction actions.

Site Acceptance Testing (SAT)

We will perform site acceptance tests for the system prior to the system being accepted into service. These tests will be performed on completion of installation of the system. The site tests will be conducted in accordance with the agreed test scripts.

Commissioning Acceptance Testing (CAT)

Deficiency Reporting

We will immediately report any deficiency that occurs at any stage during testing on an Acceptance Observation Report. We will also provide a report detailing the deficiency and propose a method of corrective action. This report will address the following as a minimum: The nature of the deficiency. The impact of the deficiency on the ability of the system to meet the requirements of the Statement of Requirements.

The impact on the deficiency on the project timescales. A proposed course of corrective action to be undertaken by us to correct the deficiency. An implementation timescale for the corrective actions to be undertaken will be subject to the agreement with yourselves

Acceptance Package The acceptance package will include as a minimum: –

A definition of the system/equipment being accepted by reference to the original specification, proposal drawings, etc. A complete inventory of the items deliverable against the satisfactory completion of tests; A detailed system configuration; Certified copies of the tests scripts; A statement of compliance with the pre-requisites for the tests; A synopsis of the conduct of tests; Certified copies of all test results; Certified copies of all recorded observations; State of all recorded observations; Documented corrective actions, re-tests and results if necessary; Minutes of all test analysis/liaison meetings; Certificates of conformance; Any relevant software licenses; Final documentation.

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