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Visitor Management

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Paragon Security’s cloud-based Visitor Management software revolutionises how you manage visitors, contractors and staff. It puts you in control of the booking process, visitor sign-in experience and their safety and security whilst they are on your site.

It operates seamlessly with our access control and ANPR software – so all systems can be managed and controlled from the same Graphical User Interface (GUI) and database.

  • You can make bookings from any internet enabled device
  • Dashboard view of all visitors and contractors by date and time
  • Instant Visitor fire alarm Roll Call list
  • Visitor booking confirmation email with host automatically notified on arrival
  • Electronic record and reporting of all visits including visitor login, logout, host and company
  • Badge printing including visitor photo ID and batch printing for events or contractor groups
  • Company and Contractor management features including pre-registration and document uploads
  • Self-registration using tablets at the reception desk
  • Bespoke data collection based on your exact needs using our forms editor
  • Tools to help manage contractors on your site professionally, efficiently and safely
  • Visitor induction system that means you can share and amend inductions for contractors and visitors, and record induction test pass marks
  • Visitor badge system where you can create your own badge designs
  • Partial system access option where you don’t want to give hosts full system access
  • Extra security approval process for higher risk sites

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