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Security Risk Assessment

At Paragon Security, we recognize the paramount importance of a thorough security risk assessment in safeguarding your building, people, and brand. Understanding the unique vulnerabilities of your organisation and how potential threats could exploit them is the first step towards enhancing security.

Key Elements of Our Security Risk Assessment

Our comprehensive approach considers the following critical elements to provide a holistic security overview:

  • Assets: The core of what needs protection — including people, property, brand reputation, and information. An organisation’s functionality is jeopardized if its assets are compromised.
  • Threats: The adversarial forces we guard against, aiming to exploit vulnerabilities to access our assets.
  • Vulnerabilities: The weaknesses in our protection mechanisms. Identifying these allows us to strengthen defenses and mitigate potential threats.
  • Risk: The potential for threats and vulnerabilities to converge, leading to damage, loss, or destruction of assets. We apply targeted treatment methods to manage and mitigate these risks.

Our Security Risk Assessment Process

A successful security risk assessment requires a deep understanding of the assets within your organisation and how interactions with them occur. Recognizing the people and culture surrounding these assets is equally important. Our service includes:

  • Risk Identification and Analysis: Thorough examination of potential risks to your assets.
  • Threat and Vulnerability Assessment: Detailed assessment of the threats your organisation faces and the vulnerabilities that could be exploited.
  • Site and Facility Security Review: Comprehensive review of the physical security measures in place at your premises.
  • Crime Data Analysis: Examination of relevant crime statistics to inform our assessment.
  • Compliance and Facility Operating Procedures Assessment: Evaluation of your adherence to legal and operational security standards.
  • Security Systems Evaluation: Detailed analysis of physical, electronic, and architectural security systems, including relevant policies and procedures.
  • Security Management and Personnel Analysis: Review of the management practices and the effectiveness of security personnel.

Our Approach

Whether assessing an existing site or collaborating with design professionals on new projects, Paragon Security recommends solutions to minimize or transfer risk and mitigate identified threats. Our assessments result in a comprehensive report, complete with easy-to-understand diagrams and images specific to your site, outlining conceptual security design ideas developed from site visits or architectural drawing analysis.

Without a security risk assessment, effectively protecting what is most important to you remains an unattainable goal. Let Paragon Security help you understand and mitigate the security risks to your assets, ensuring the safety and integrity of your organisation.

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