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Build & Test

At Paragon Security, our commitment to excellence extends beyond design to the actual build and test phase of your CCTV system. Before delivery to your vessel or site, we insist on a comprehensive construction and testing process within a controlled factory environment. This essential step confirms that every component of your CCTV system functions cohesively, exactly as designed.

Financial and Operational Advantages of Pre-Deployment Testing

Our experience underscores a significant financial rationale for this approach: addressing a problem on-site can be approximately ten times more costly than resolving it during the pre-deployment phase at our factory test bench. Thus, thoroughly testing all system elements before deployment is not just a matter of ensuring operational integrity—it’s a financially astute decision.

Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

  • Thorough Documentation: The outcomes of the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) are comprehensively documented, forming the basis for Site Acceptance Tests post-installation. This ensures a seamless transition from factory testing to on-site operation, with clear benchmarks for system performance.
  • Client Engagement: A key feature of the FAT is the opportunity for you, our valued client, to personally witness and approve the CCTV system’s functionality. This phase is crucial for ensuring the system meets your exact specifications and operational requirements before it is installed on your premises.

Embracing a meticulous Build & Test process, including the Factory Acceptance Test, embodies our dedication to delivering a CCTV system that is not only flawlessly constructed but also tailored to meet the unique challenges and expectations of your operational environment. Choose Paragon Security for a reliable, high-performance security solution, ready for deployment with your complete approval.

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