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Self-contained Anpr Camera Systems


Paragon Security’s ANPR software can be uploaded onto standard CCTV cameras to give your regular surveillance cameras Artificial Intelligence (AI). This creates a complete ANPR system on a stand-alone camera - suitable for access control, speed monitoring and vehicle counting.

Our advanced ANPR engine can be embedded onto a range of high-performance cameras providing real-time recognition of vehicle registration plates and meta-data. The all-in-one system decreases network bandwidth and hardware costs whilst increasing reliability and resilience. The stand-alone cameras give Black/White list functionality, direction of travel, country, plate type, time, date, GPS position, vehicle make, model, colour and vehicle type classification.

  • High Accuracy: Recognition rate above 99%
  • High Speed Operation:Up to 200km/h
  • On-board Databases: Basic white/blacklists are embedded in the camera and available through web management, CSV import and via API
  • Complex Scenario Support: Directional filtering, Regions of interest and direct I/O support enable filtering and actions using polygons, inclusions, exclusions and direction.
  • Plugins: Expandable, modular options allow the system to grow including ADR (dangerous goods), speed, make, model, colour and classification of vehicles.

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