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Wireless Locks


Installing traditional access control doors can be cost prohibitive due to the wiring require to provide power and network connectivity. As a result, access control may be reserved for doors with higher security requirements – leaving other doors with mechanical locks unmonitored and unmanaged.

Benefits of our wireless locking solutions include:

  • No mains power required
  • No network cables required
  • No wi-fi required
  • No keys required
  • Access by PIN, proximity card/fob or both
  • 2-year battery life

With Paragon Security’s wireless lock technology, all doors can easily be upgraded and wirelessly linked to the access control system by using battery powered electronic locking devices with integrated proximity or PIN readers. This reduces installation costs very significantly since no cabling is required (power or signal) to the door. Access control data is held at the lock itself, and passed to the lock using the access control card, so no network connection (even wireless is required).

These wireless locks are the easiest way to extend the reach of your access control system, or to replace your mechanical locks with intelligent access control since they operate wire-free and battery-powered (2 year life). They therefore save capital outlay on the initial installation and reduce ongoing operation and maintenance costs.

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